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The Wittgow Scholar 2016-2017

Olympia Symphony Young Musician Apprenticeship Program
The Wittgow Scholar

The Olympia Symphony is pleased announce the second annual “Wittgow Scholar” Young Musician Apprenticeship Program, open to students in the South Sound area. This program is designed to provide an in-depth symphonic learning experience to students who wish to pursue a career in music after college. The objective is to give those students that wish to make a career out of music, whether it be in a professional orchestra, as a private teacher, a school teacher, a chamber musician, or solo musician, a chance to rise to a challenge and be better prepared for college or conservatory.

The OSO is proud to support the musical education of young, talented musicians in our region. As part of the symphony’s mission to educate, we congratulate and welcome Lindsey Lampman as a member of the symphony this season.

The Olympia Symphony Orchestra would like to express our appreciation, gratitude, and a very heartfelt Thank You to the Wittgow family, who provided a gift that has enabled the symphony to continue this program into its second year. Lindsey will be awarded a scholarship at the conclusion of this season.

Lindsey Lampman


Lindsey decided to play the viola after fourth grade, and started taking lessons a coupl

e months before school started because she was afraid she would be the only one who didn't know how to play. On the first day of school she realized she was the only one who knew anything about playing. After her first year playing, she began constantly challenging herself by playing with higher level players than herself until she fit in comfortably. Currently, Lindsey is principal violist in SOGO's conservatory orchestra and concertmaster of River Ridge High School's advanced orchestra. After this school year she plans to go to Central Washington University to double major in music performance and music education. She is very thankful for this opportunity, and for her dog, who always listens to her practice.

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