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Shawn Meloy is a composer, oboist, and instructor living in Olympia. He grew up in Washington and has always been interested in classical, art, and orchestral music. From a young age he began composing music for himself on various instruments. Through high school and college he played principal oboe in the wind ensemble and then symphony orchestra and had a wonderful opportunity to tour cities in Germany while at school, Pacific Lutheran University. As an oboist he has played with a variety of groups including the Olympia Chamber Orchestra as well as the Olympia Symphony Orchestra. As a composer he has written for small groups and soloists as well as full symphony orchestras, having had his Symphonic Prelude premiered in 2014 by the Olympia Chamber Orchestra during their season dedicated to American Composers.

Currently, Shawn runs multiple websites and creates concert posters for the OSO. Although music is his first love, as he puts it, working in visual arts is also something he enjoys very much. Getting the opportunity to work with the Olympia Symphony Orchestra in this way has been a wonderful experience as well.

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