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THANK YOU!!! The Olympia Symphony's new keyboard is FULLY FUNDED thanks to your generosity!


67 donors chipped in to make this happen, and we couldn't be more grateful. Alexandra Arrieche will get to work signing keys, and we will get them in the mail to donors at the end of June.


Remember to come to our free, outdoor summer concert on July 1, 7:00 pm, at Heritage Park on Capitol Lake in Olympia to see the new keyboard in action! Visit our website for more information.



Beth Albertson
Greg & Krina Allison
Janet Ball
F Catherine Bander
Jill Barnes
Annette Baumgartner
Miriam Bausch
Lois Beck
Michael Bell
Kelly Brannock
James Broman
Lynn Brunton
AnnieLaurie Burke
Suzanne Byron & Jean-Luc Bouthemy
Paul Capra
Leslie Ceesay
Eric Charneski
Nancy Connery
Trina Delaney
John & Maggie DeRuntz
Marian Evans
Sheila Fay
Jennifer Ferguson
Alan Fuller
Andrew Goldstein
Michael Gurling
Phil Gutierrez
Judi Hambrick
Jennifer Hermann
Amy Beth Horman
Richard Hurst
Nancy Inui
Laura Kerekes
Brenda Lashley
Ruth Lehman
Priscilla Lincoln
Laurie Maricle
Tom McDonald
Lena Mendiola
TD Mitchell
Rose Mylroie
Jill Nordstrom
Sean Padget
John Parry
Cynthia Rae
Richenda Richardson
Bernadette Rivard
John Robinson
Chris Schrock
Kelly Seago Beaubien
Laurel Seaman
Erik Seversen
Marcy & Mark Sherman
Anita Solt & Amy Posner
John Steinbrink
Dawn Stremel
Diane Stuart
& Olga Sutherland
Rose This
Michael Waiste
Sue & Tuck Wilson
Bill & Martha Wittgow
Michele Wolfe Jorgenson
Jocelyn Wood
The Zimmerman Family

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Funds raised in excess of the keyboard package purchase price will be applied toward maintenance, software, and accessories.
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