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Pakiam Song

Featuring the Olympia Symphony Orchestra's 2023 Young Artists Competition winners, Ava Pakiam and Chloe Song, the sky's the limit as we soar into a new era, inspired by up-and-coming artists, forward-thinking composers, and timeless music.

BARBER Violin Concerto (featuring Ava Pakiam, violin)
TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No. 1 (featuring Chloe Song, piano)
MASON BATES Mothership

About the artwork (“Color the Season” youth category winner):
"The Color of Sound" by Sydney Morain
Medium: Digital, made on a Wacom Cintiq 16 (Clip Studio Pro)
Artist Statement: In this piece, I wanted to represent what I think sound would look like if you could see it. When I had this idea, I wanted to display the light and darkness of music by using different saturations of the colors. Using the different layers of the mandala, I wanted to show the different movements in a piece of music.

Pakiam Song
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