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Performances would not be possible without our talented and dedicated orchestra members, bringing symphonic music to life.

Our Musician Sponsorship program connects musicians and donors, forming mutually encouraging and uplifting relationships while providing practical financial support. Sponsorships cover a portion of the compensation provided to our musicians.

Musician Sponsor benefits include:

  • introduction to and personal recognition from your musician

  • invitations to our pre-concert dress rehearsals, music sponsor reception, and an opportunity to interact with your musician throughout the season

  • recognition in print and digital promotional materials and our website

23-24 Musician Sponsor Levels - Annual and Monthly Payments:

  • Concertmaster

    • $2,400 Annual

    • $240 Monthly*

  • Principal Musician / Associate Concertmaster

    • $1,800 Annual

    • $180 Monthly*

  • Assistant Principal Musician / Assistant Concertmaster

    • $1,200 Annual

    • $120 Monthly*

  • Section Musician

    • $720 Annual

    • $72 Monthly*

* monthly payments calculated September 2023 - June 2024 (10 installments)

HAVE QUESTIONS? Contact Jennifer Hermann, Executive Director.

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