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The Seven Symphonies:

A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys Music

September 16, 2023

8:00 PM

The Washington Center for the Performing Arts

North American Premiere!



View Video Trailer Here

The Olympia Symphony Orchestra, with conductor Alexandra Arrieche, will perform the NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE of “The Seven Symphonies: A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys Music.”

The concert features seven symphonies derived from 33 different Beach Boys songs, carefully selected by Rob van Weelde (owner, WedgeView Studios, Netherlands) and arranged by Roeland Jacobs (manager and producer) on the basis of orchestral potential. To see a list of Beach Boys tunes included in the seven symphonies, click here.

Initiated in 2017, this project took four years to produce. Due to pandemic delays, recordings of the album took place at Galaxy Studios in Belgium by the Antwerp Philharmonic (conducted by Alexandra Arrieche) in August 2021.

The album was released on CD and LP in March 2022, airing on Belgian and Dutch national radio, as well as on Dutch national TV.

On June 2 2022 the album had its live World Premiere in the Antwerp City Theatre, performed by Arrieche and the Antwerp Philharmonic.

Following the North American Premiere in Olympia, plans are underway for an African Premiere in South Africa in 2024. Footage from the concert in Olympia will be included in an international documentary detailing the evolution of this project.

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