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Live auditions for violin and bass sections will be held on Saturday, September 10. Information for auditions is listed below by instrument/position. We are not currently auditioning for any non-string positions.* All string musicians are invited to submit an application for sub list placement. No live auditions will be held for sub list musicians, but recordings must be received by August 27 for immediate consideration for the 22/23 season. +

Please read all of the information carefully and retain it for your future reference. All questions regarding the audition and this information must be directed to the Orchestra Manager only. We request that you do not contact members of the audition committee. The preferred method of contact is by email to

To apply for this audition, please submit the requested materials to our Orchestra Manager here on or before the deadline of Friday, August 27, 2022 at 5:00 pm PT.

Please await confirmation of your audition before making travel plans. The location for auditions will be announced soon (Olympia). 

8/29/2022 UPDATE: The following information has been changed on the audition documents below - 

  • December 22, 2022 concert date has been dropped (December 23, 2022 concert date still stands)

  • Auditions will be held at Tumwater Middle School

  • Mileage has been adjusted to a minimum of 50 miles round trip to qualify

* Auditions for the following 23/24 season positions will be held in August 2023.

  • Assistant Concertmaster

  • Principal Bass

  • Second Oboe

  • Second Clarinet

  • Principal Trumpet

+ One-page resumes are welcomed at any time for any instrument. Please send resumes to, and you will be contacted if a need arises during the season, with a request for a video recording.

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