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The Olympia Symphony presents a ground-breaking, unique collaboration that brings together live flamenco dancing and classical music. Filled with vibrancy and passion, our season finale will transport you to southern Spain to experience the heart and beat of this incredible culture!

Clara Rodriguez, flamenco dance
Miya Higashiyama, mezzo-soprano
….and more!

BIZET Selections from Carmen Suites
MANUEL de FALLA El Amor Brujo
RAVEL Boléro (arr Schlichting)

About the artwork (“Color the Season” winner):
"Joy" by Christine Echeverri
Medium: Oil on canvas board
Artist Statement: Colors and shapes are powerful ways to convey emotions. Joy is one of my favorite emotional places - exciting, lovely, beautiful, invigorating, cascading, flowing, moving. It does not stay put, but moves on from where it begins, rippling outward, and drawing people in.

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